Rain season in Gauteng started with a Bang!

October 2018

More than 170 mm was measured over the weekend of 13 and 14 October at the TAHMO station at Rietfontein fire station in Johannesburg. Other TAHMO stations in Johannesburg recorded far less rainfall, although still between 15 and 68 mm over the two days.

It was confirmed with the South African Weather Service that their radar exactly at the spot of the Rietfontein fire station estimated 154 mm in 24 hours as average over the pixel from 8 am – 8 am, so very close to the measurement of TAHMO for that time slot.

This makes it far more likely that indeed so much rain fell in Rietfontein and that both the SAWS radar and the TAHMO weather station are doing a good job! Ground truthing remains important to calibrate radar.