AquaLinks is ’embedded’ in the offices of WR Nyabeze and Associates, for the buzz and the business.

AquaLinks is supporting the Trans-African HydroMeteorological Observatory ( in Southern Africa.

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AquaLinks has started an alliance with FourthElement and Eco-Pulse to tackle the lost opportunities around urban rivers in Southern Africa.

See leaflet attached.

AquaLinks supports the project ‘Rain for Africa’, which is developing improved advice for farmers in Africa for planting and pesticides applications, based on improved weather information, for mobile and desktop applications. AquaLinks is providing operational technical management of this cooperation between the South African Weather Services and Agricultural Research Council and the Dutch parties HydroLogic, HydroLogic Research, Weather Impact, eLEAF, WineJob, Mobile Water Management, WDOD (Waterschap Drentse and Overijsselse Delta). See webpage R4A.