“Wisdom is like a Baobab, no one individual can embrace it” (West-African saying)

Creating Baobab-wisdom

Water management decisions typically need inputs from many different disciplines, stakeholders, roleplayers and need to be made in an integrated way. The challenge is that at the beginning of a water related decision making process, it is not yet known whose piece of wisdom is most needed. AquaLinks offers the following services. Small projects can have great relevance (and can make procurement easier).

A workshop with a fixed budget reserved for the participation of experts (through knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense) in many disciplines and from different walks of life. Workshop facilitation and workshop reporting are included. This can also help to assist an already appointed team.

A desktop study that uses sources of many different disciplines, through interviews or reading and sets you on the right track to find who next to consult or what the critical decisions are to make.

Leading a team or task in a water management project. AquaLinks can be part of your team from the proposal stage onwards.

Urban Rivers – Linking to lost opportunities – Together with FourthElement and EcoPulse, AquaLinks formed an alliance to tackle challenges on Urban Rivers. Marieke would help in creating Baobab-wisdom here, by facilitating the processes to bring the inputs of different stakeholders and different experts together. See joint leaflet.

Peer review / peer assistance. Sometimes the Client needs a second opinion or sometimes as a Consultant you wish you could get some advice. There are different ways of doing this: a review of a product in hydrology / hydraulics / water management, a talk to generate some ideas or to get the right questions asked to find out for yourself, an ‘intervision’ session.

Becoming as wise as the Baobab

The Baobab tree is storing water in its trunk to survive harsh drought conditions. To become as Southern Africa water sensitive, we need good climate and river basin information and we can make use of smart tools to manage water (save, store, transport, clean). Marieke is currently in discussion with different parties, to consider introduction or roll out of software and hardware products in water management in the Southern African market.

See page representing the Trans-African HydroMeteorological Observatory.